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Full-Time Auditions Day 2024

This is your opportunity to audition for multiple full-time courses for 2024 all in one day and one place. 17 schools are confirmed so far from QLD, NSW & VIC. Over $300,000 in Scholarships were offered last year and while not guaranteed, this is your chance to shine and show them what you've got, while taking classes with some of Australia's greatest teachers. Some performers may even receive multiple offers.

Where - TBC

When - Monday 10 June, 2024 (may go on to Tuesday 11 June, 2024 depending on entries) 

Time - 9:00am -6:00pm


Schedule of Classes - TBC

What do I need to do - Enrol in your selection of classes at    Once enrolled, you will be sent further information


Tickets for the day are now on sale on Trybooking. It is open to the public to come and watch which we think is a great opportunity for younger students who may be contemplating full-time studies to see how the audition process works. Also, family and friends of those auditioning may be interested to watch the process and having an audience should help you all to “perform” in class.


Here is the link  


All candidates will be numbered and directors will be given your contact details and headshots as submitted to us.


While there is no guarantee of a scholarship, there is over $300,000 worth of Scholarships on offer on the day so bring everything you have to the stage for as many classes as you wish.

Cost - FREE

Fill out this application form and return it, signed by your dance teacher, along with your headshot to

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