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About BPAC

Since 2005, the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge is bringing the latest in amateur competition for performers in various sectors of the performing arts right here to Queensland.  Our commitment to youth in the performing arts is highlighted in our Mission Statement:


Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge is committed to fostering a professional environment which maximises opportunities for all students of the performing arts to realise their full potential in the industry and in life, by providing the top level of competition at professional venues and opportunities to work with professional performers.


What makes BPAC unique is its focus on continual innovation, providing a platform to build confidence and skill, providing participants with the opportunity to partake in professional up to date workshops and receive prizes that will benefit their careers, such as scholarships, valuable equipment, and financial bursaries.


By encompassing a high standard of competition in many sectors of dance, the participants, through their continued commitment to this event, will enjoy the benefits of both personal and professional growth. Furthering their education in this field will have a direct and positive effect and will assist with nurturing and developing their careers in the performing arts.


Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge (BPAC) was established in 2005 with the generosity and support of private and corporate citizens/companies and together with the tireless support from a small number of volunteers, the Challenge was brought to life and has grown considerably. BPAC is proud to have participants and supporters throughout Queensland, Australia and now from overseas as well, including:


  • Dance schools

  • Performing arts schools/teachers/lecturers

  • Senior Citizens residences/clubs

  • Cultural and community groups

  • Primary, middle and senior schools, both public and private



BPAC'S Management team

Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge is governed by a Management Committee that provides a diverse mix of experience from both within and outside the performing arts and dance industry. The Management Committee is committed to BPAC's Mission Statement and the development and growth of the Challenge.

Members of the Executive Committee:


  • President – Rhonda Binnie

  • Secretary – Rob Drury & James Rogers

  • Treasurer - Cecily Vyden


Members of the Management Committee

  • Ensembles Convenor – TBA

  • Choruses Convenor - Jules Luck

  • Elites Convenor - Jules Luck

  • Schools Convenor - Hayley Nicholls

  • Acting Convenor - Billi Luck

  • Ballet Convenor - Ally Hannon

  • Ballroom Revolućion Convenor - Jody Rollason

  • Contemporary Convenor - Bronwyn Dunks

  • Jazz Convenor - Cassandra Cashel 

  • Musical Theatre Convenor - Angela Bowen

  • Student Choreography - Jody Rollason

  • Tap Convenor - Gill Drury & Alana Andrews

  • Contracts Officer - Ally Hannon

  • Full-Time Auditions Day Convenor - Mel Wintersgill

  • Gala Convenor - Roselea Fitzpatrick

  • Judges Liaison Officer - Gayle Canning

  • Workshops Convenor - TBA

Other BPAC Representatives (not committee members)

  • Sponsors Liaison Officer - TBA

  • Social Media Co-ordinator - TBA

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